Terms and Conditions

Our safe payment system

Using PayPal we accept all major international cards. Your card must have a verification number or security code to be used with PayPal

You can link a credit card to your account when you sign up or while making a purchase. Manage your wallet easily from your account and when multiple cards are linked to your account, choose which card you'd like to use when checking out with PayPal.

One and done.Once you’ve linked your payment method, you’ll never enter your account numbers again. You’ll pay with just your email and password—your key to secure and simple payments.

Your PayPal login is your personal firewall.Because PayPal transactions need only your username and password, you don’t expose your sensitive financial information. No need to fill in your credit card number, expiration date, or security code every time you pay.

Maintaining the trust of our customers and partners is our top priority. Our commitment to securing online payments is the reason why we chose PayPal.


  • Please save proof of payment to anticipate in case any error occurs in the payment checking system.
  • For questions regarding service and payment, please contact our customer service at [email protected].
  • After we receive payment, we will immediately process your application and for the terms of the application or cancellation process, please read the Application Policy section.
  • For refund conditions, see the Refund Policy link.